Posted by: Kevin Perry | September 22, 2010

Solving the Global Communication Challenge

In what seems like a close “tech-knit” world, people are surprised to learn that 99% of enterprise content still goes untranslated. That is an incredible amount of information that never optimizes its reach. Can Real-Time Translation Services (RTTS) be the solution to this global limitation? In our upcoming webinar, Solving the Global Communication Challenge, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of global communication. Customers, partners, and employees now expect technology and information to be available anytime, anywhere, at the click of a button. These requirements present obstacles for global organizations with limited translation budgets. This webinar will discuss how organizations can address the global communication challenge and the pros and cons of automated translation.

Please join me and executives from IBM, present the current developments in RTTS and the move from “Just in Case” translation to “Just in Time.” The presenters will walk us through the automated translation process and describe what features are still in the works as this technology shifts to the next phase of development. Kevin will also take a look at the benefits and opportunities RTTS presents for globally-integrated enterprises as it breaks language barriers and helps expand commerce and collaboration.

Register here


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